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C3 Profession Forum
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Overview & Concept

C3 is the exclusive forum for Israeli CIOs and CTOs and a place for professional gathering and networking. It is the only professional community in Israel for senior technology executives. Established in 2001 by People & Computers, the parent company of Lynx, the C3 Professional Forum meets multiple times a year and has turned into a vibrant and powerful community for IT leaders in Israel.

The forums’s agenda is shaped by a steering committee, which includes tech leaders from industries such as finance, healthcare, transportation, infrastructure, etc. During gatherings, community members enjoy time together, discuss opportunities, learn about new technologies and methodologies, hear thought leadership talks, participate in Q&As with vendors, discuss partnerships, and more. This knowledge is then dispersed throughout the IT community in Israel.


C3 Professional Forum is an exclusive community, empowering members to build long-term relationships, exchange knowledge and share ideas, whilst being inspired by stimulating content. An added benefit, the C3 Forum convenes abroad, three times a year, to connect with peers and counterparts from other countries.