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Google Escape Bus


Google is the leading internet services company in the world and one of the five largest global IT companies. Google’s search engine holds more than 92% of the market, it is the market leader in online advertising, and YouTube, its online video platform, is leading the category with 2.3 billion users worldwide. It’s safe to say that Google is one of the world’s leading information sources. 

Lynx has been working with Google Israel for over 15 years, ever since Google commenced their local operations. Events like Google for Startups, Google for SMBs, YouTube Israel and Google’s Escape Bus, as well as additional events for advertisers, employees, leadership, partners, creators, thought-leaders and technologists, have all been orchestrated and produced by Lynx.

Lynx is involved in all events from the get-go, from meticulous planning and conceptualization through execution and PR, making sure each event tops the one before it, and always making a big splash.


Google’s events are known for being magical, with mesmerizing moments that stay etched in attendees’ memories. They include top-notch educational content about products and industry trends, customers sharing their story on stage, inspirational performances by leading singers and creators, and fun activities and challenging games.

In all these exquisite events, Lynx orchestrated and managed every detail that brought Google’s brand to life. This included ideation, entertainment, audio and video production, refreshments, music, line up, venue design, ambiance, video content, screen animation, operations and logistics, speech writing, presentation design, registration, running order and floor management.


Google Israel’s events are recognized locally and globally for their exceptional impact and polished extra touch. Lynx is Google Israel’s go-to production company, and the long-term relationship between the two is based on a deep mutual understanding that arises from working together for many years. Lynx’s long-term experience with Google Israel’s long term experience provides them with the knowledge and confidence that the next event will be even more dazzling and sparkling than before, as an important means for reinforcing Google’s product innovation.

An assortment of memorable experiences:

Insider Presented by Google: Quarterly meetings for Google’s clients to discover upcoming product lines, exchange ideas and share best practices and success stories.

Google Escape Bus: a B2C initiative that took the nation by storm – players across Israel had 30 minutes to escape, while using Google’s applications to solve riddles.

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