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Think with Google Israel 2017

Think with Google Israel 2016

Overview & Concept

Google has a unique approach to work. They strive to encourage a dynamic culture, empowered with flexibility, to foster inspiration and innovation. Their creative and business vision depend on bringing the right people together, in the right place, at the right time – to think big!

To harness that power, Google tasks Lynx with creating events for senior level executives, to bring new perspectives and enlighten their leaders. To create a stimulating exchange of ideas.

We take care of every aspect of the event. From inspirational lectures and live performances, to chef dining experiences and tailor-made giveaways.


When Google needs to put together an event that makes an impact, Lynx is their go-to production company. Trusting their next event will be even more impressive than the last.

A few noteworthy mentions:

  • Keynote with one of the most powerful women in tech, Ruth Porat, CFO of Alphabet and it’s subsidiary Google, at Reimagine Leadership 2022
  • Executive Summits position Google as a strategic partner and thought-leader. Delegations from abroad visit Israel to learn from the start-up nation, drive innovation, and share ideas and best practices.
  • Google Think 2017– Leadership events that host thought provoking speakers and broaden attendees’ horizons.

Inspirational Speakers & Performances

Ruth Porat
Ruth Porat
CFO Alphabet & Google
Chemi Peres
Chemi Peres
Chairman, Peres Center for Peace & Innovation Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Pitango Venture Capital
Mira Awad
Mira Awad
Israeli/Palestinian singer songwriter, actress, artist and content creator
Amir Dadon
Amir Dadon
Israeli Singer