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End-to-End Planning⸒ Production and Management | Venue Scouting and Transformation | Concept⸒ Theme⸒ Design and Decor | Supplier Negotiation and Management | Attendee Engagement & Experience

AWS Tel Aviv - Pop Up Loft 2017

AWS Tel Aviv - Pop-Up Loft 2016


Since 2015 Lynx has produced AWS’s corporate events such as the AWS Summit, product launches, overnight gatherings, client events, employee experience activities, to name a few. Over the years, we have become an integral part of the AWS marketing team. AWS Israel entrusts Lynx to deliver methodically planned events, offering the community, clients, and attendees a top-notch professional experience, with a creative twist.

The AWS Pop-Up Loft, a high-profile 3-week Community Event, organized for decision makers of the Israeli hitech and startup industry. We located a run-down but charming building in the center of Tel Aviv’s startup scene and transformed it into to a vibrant “Culture Club” of uniquely themed spaces, with a full calendar of events. The success led to us producing the event for a second consecutive year.


In 2016, AWS in Israel was faced with a challenge. How could they make AWS knowledge and resources accessible to tech companies?

The solution, the AWS Pop-Up Loft, a 3-week community event for the hitech and startup ecosystem.


Find the perfect location for the event. The AWS Pop-Up Loft is just that – a loft that is creatively repurposed for professional tech sessions and meetings – that pops up for a limited period.


After months of location scouting, Lynx found a run-down but charming building in Tel-Aviv with designated open spaces. It was located smack in the middle of Israel’s startup scene.

Within a week, Lynx’s painters, builders and contractors transformed the place from a shabby building scheduled for demolition, to a vibrant “Culture Club” that was ready to become the central hub for Israel’s tech scene, at least for the upcoming three weeks. Lynx took care of every detail, from design and décor, to WiFi and refreshments.

Following the loft transformation, technical decision-makers attended training sessions, technical workshops, meetups/networking events and one-on-one meetings with AWS experts.


The Pop-Up Loft ran for two consecutive years and was deemed a huge success. Lynx delivered an out-of-the-box solution for a challenge AWS was facing.

  • 3,000+ visitors attended, over a three-week period
  • 70 technical sessions and workshops
  • 10 events focused on community, innovation and venture capital
  • 2500% growth of one-to-one meetings over the previous year
  • AWS built an education hub in their Tel Aviv offices