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End-to-End Planning⸒ Production and Management | Concept⸒ Theme⸒ Design and Decor | Attendee Engagement & Experience | Immersive Brand Experiences | Budget Planning and Management | Venue Scouting and Transformation | Supplier Negotiation and Management | A/V - Audio/Visual/Lighting

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Over the years, Lynx has become an extension of the AWS marketing team, producing the AWS Summit Tel Aviv annually. Thousands of attendees visit the summit each year, eager to learn about the latest technological innovations, new best practices and connect with industry leaders and professionals.

Since 2015, Lynx is tasked with producing their annual summits. Beginning with a comprehensive project plan, through supplier management and event design, and ending with onsite operations, we ensure that attendees are engaged and surprised, finding creative ways to top last year’s event. 


The groundwork begins 6 months prior to the summit, with a joint brainstorming session, to understand the event objectives and requirements. Then the real work begins as we manage all production details, including:

  • Comprehensive project plan (logistics, timeline, operations)
  • Budget development and management
  • Venue scouting, transformation and oversight
  • Vendor negotiation and oversight
  • Design theme, décor, signage & branding elements
  • Immersive attendee experience and engagement
  • Registration management
  • F&B/catering and staff operations
  • Stage design and direction
  • Guest flow and venue layouts
  • Exhibition hall planning & design
  • A/V design and management
  • Sponsor management
  • Photography and video production
  • Sponsorship strategies and planning


The AWS Summit Tel Aviv is a highly successful event, increasing in size and scope each year. Attendees rave about the quality of the sessions and the smoothness of the event.

In 2015, there were 2,000 attendees and the summit was held in one pavilion. By the year 2022, the number of attendees more than quadrupled, with 9,400 visitors. This required us to expand and make use of the entire Expo Tel Aviv grounds, including outdoor spaces.

We produced the summit with the assistance of 80 suppliers and supported 54 exhibition partners.